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Questions about the Hen Party experience?

After the plan prepared for you it's confirmed, you'll have to pay a 30% advance payment. We will start to book every activity and we need you to pay the full price at least 1 month before the departure.
Yes, you get a payment confirmation email detailing exactly what you have paid for so it is all totally clear with no small and hide prints!
Full details will be available in the travel documents and in the confirmation email we ill send to you once the booking is confirmed. If you require any specific information, please contact your Event Manager.
Yes 100%. We are financially bonded (R.C. Professionale n. 1505001352/k AMIERRECI) so you are protected. Remember; don’t book with anybody who can’t offer you the financial protection you deserve.
Yes. This is not a problem. Just let your Account Manager know all the details for these members and they will re-quote your event based on the information provided. · NB: If people only want to stay for 1 night or the final group size is an odd number, there may be a supplement from the hotel.

In most cases it will be straightforward; if your activities are indoors dress for comfort but for adventurous activities make certain you have appropriate, durable clothing including footwear. The weather can often play an important part so if it looks like you’ll get wet ensure you not only have your waterproofs but also bring a towel and a change of clothes. Also allow for a drop in temperature, so make sure you have your woollies and a warm coat. If in doubt call us, we’re ready to assist.

Your program is confirmed and guaranteed! Now it’s time for you to relax and we’ll start coordinating the administration and preparing all the behind-the-scenes planning for a fantastic event.

Consult terms and conditions.

Please be informed that city tax applies in Italy, for every overnight stay, and each city applies a different daily rate for its city tax. City tax must be paid by the guest directly to the hotel or vacation rental company before the end of the stay. We never operate in anything but a totally honest way. Unlike many other companies we are VAT registered but we apply this internally, so there are no surprises, all costs are presented up front and in plenty of time.
In the situation that one or more participants decide to cancel their participation and the stay after the booking has been confirmed, each individual participant who cancels will be entitled to reimbursement of his quota (the total divided by the number of participants), according to the deadlines provided for in terms and conditions.
Usually yes – as long as we have the availability for your program it should not be a problem, but please let us know in advance.
Field experience & privileged established partnerships. Registered travel agency fully authorized to operate in Italy Commitment to quality Comprehensive range of services and abilities Dedicated account management
You will receive all travel documents on week before your arrival.
We understand what you want and need. We’ve got the highest levels of experience in tour operation, professional hospitality and event management which make us different from most other companies in the marketplace. We prepare better, we structure programmes better, our administration and operations procedure are better. We only use the best available options, we provide exceptional quality and outstanding value and our service levels are second to none – we don’t take short cuts.
No problem, just let us know well in advance and we’ll make all the necessary suggestions / arrangements / alterations.
Yes, as a totally professional organization we do, and we should do – they protect us and they protect you, see the full terms and conditions.
Yes we strongly recommend it. Having your own personal insurance will give you an extra level of cover. Make certain your insurance policy covers you adequately for your needs relative to your itinerary (e.g. specialist activities) and to the levels you need.
It’s simple really, the best airfares are available directly. With the budget airlines and ease of booking there is no competition. Our specialism is ground services not flights, so we concentrate on what we are good at and focus on providing you the best possible solution.
Unless stated or requested transport is not included. Just let your Account Manager know and we can arrange this.